Procrastinating womanHow is it that a grown woman/man can procrastinate day after day, month after month, and year after year? Because procrastination works. It keeps you from having to do the task that you just hate to do. Well here’s the news, folks, you can break the habit!

  1. Keep a procrastination log. (You’ll enjoy this because you’ll be procrastinating.) That is, take notes on those items that you know you should be doing, but you just aren’t getting them done. As each item floats into your consciousness, write it down.
  1. Divide the log into “work” items and “personal” items.
  1. Look through the list and see if there are any items that can be done in five minutes or less. Do these immediately! (Now you can check off a few items in your log – very satisfying).
  1. Be honest with yourself. Are there items that you know you’ll never do? Cross these off.
  1. Delegate a task if you know it really isn’t yours. And if you’d like to learn from a 2-part tele-workshop (which you may listen to at your own pace), feel free to take a peek at the webpage that has all the info.
  1. Can you pay (a reasonable sum) to have someone else do these tasks? There might be children in your house who would clean up your linen closet/pantry/storage area for $$. Isn’t it worth that to you?
  1. Do you need a professional to help you with a task? What if your carpet is pulling up from the seam and you can’t fix it yourself? Set a specific time every week to make phone calls to professionals to help you with odd tasks like this.
  1. Are there tasks that you are afraid of? How about that big project your employer asked you to do? Even if you aren’t going to do the task today, make an outline of what must be done to complete the task. Force yourself to complete one item on the outline before you leave work today.
  1. Are there tasks you hate? Accounting, filing, etc.? Get to work 10 minutes early for the next several days until these items are caught up. Then designate an early morning time to complete the item on a regular basis.
  1. Don’t allow yourself to whine about your procrastination. In the time it takes you to whine, you could have finished the task.

Read Rita Emmett’s book The Procrastinator’s Handbook. It is outstanding…and in a few weeks, I’m even going to have a special list from her in the Keeping Chaos at Bay series. Stay tuned.

hot_spotsAnd if you’d like to learn to be more productive (and avoid procrastination), you will want to access the teleseminar Identify and Strategically Capitalize on Your Own Productivity “Hot Spots.” Throughout your days and your weeks, you have “hot spots” where you have the potential to be optimally productive. It is during these times that you can be “in the zone,” working at “Mach 10,” and getting things done that are of the most benefit to you and your company.