Smiling red-haired womanIt’s hard to manage the rest of the world and put our best self forward if we haven’t taken care of ourselves. Choose something from the list below or create your own list.

  1. Invest in a massage or a facial.
  2. Listen to your favorite music.
  3. See your doctor for a “tune-up.”
  4. Have good smells around you. What smell is it that just makes you smile?
  5. Seek out acupuncture. I have a medical acupuncturist who is both an M.D. and a highly-trained practitioner of acupuncture. He knows the best of both worlds. I used to have migraines and now I don’t except very rarely and when I do, they are mild. It’s worth the time and money. I have no idea why it works, but it does.
  6. Go to a restaurant–by yourself or with someone. Order just what you like. Three sides of mashed potatoes are NOT out of the question.
  7. Breathe–deeply and often.
  8. Hang out in a book store. Most bookstores today are set up to be inviting places. Take advantage of this.
  9. See a chiropractor. If your back is killing you or if your mouse arm goes to sleep at night when you’re sleeping (thereby waking you up), then a chiropractor can help you.
  10. Listen to books, seminars, speeches, affirmations, or whatever floats your boat—on CD or MP3. My car is a rolling classroom and library. I only wish I had discovered this option when I was in graduate school and driving at least 2 hours a day back and forth to the university. It would have made the drive so much more enjoyable and I would have learned so much, too.

One or more of these ideas will make a difference in your overall approach to life and productivity. Make a decision to implement at least one this week. Maybe even make a call right now. . . .

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