Sick woman sneezing.Illness, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, can lead to chaos. This week’s Keys to Keeping Chaos at Bay address illness that is reasonably short-term vs. chronic, long-term illness or disability. Think about headaches, colds, flu, recovering from surgery, a terrible rash, chicken pox, mumps, etc.  I’m gong to give you 5 ideas to implement if you’re the one that is sick and 5 ideas if another person is ill. First, the ones for you:

  1. Take the time to heal.

  2. If it’s persistent, find out why. Access professional help.

  3. Tell others what you need. Don’t expect anyone to be a mindreader.

  4. Let other people help you.

  5. Avoid going back to work and resuming all your regular activities sooner than is warranted. Believe it or not, the world can keep operating without your presence. Sometimes it takes being sick to help us realize that fact.

Now, when someone else is sick, here are keys to keep chaos at bay:

  1. Know that the other person’s illness won’t last forever and he/she will remember your kindness.

  2. Cut the other person some “slack.” Most of us aren’t quite as patient or quite as friendly or gracious when we are sick as when we are well. If the sick person is acting uncharacteristically surly or difficult, give him/her the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, if this is how this person always acts, then apparently, you’ve already made it clear that you will accept this type of behavior, so that’s a different issue!

  3. Treat others who are sick the way they want to be treated vs. the way you want to be treated. Some sick people want others fawning over them while some sick people want to be left alone.

  4. Take food to the family if the sick person doesn’t live in your house. It’s one of those seemingly “little” gestures that means a lot.

  5. Do everything you can to encourage the person to take the time he/she needs to get better. Resuming a full calendar means it will take longer to get back to normal than taking it a little bit slower. And, if the person is still contagious, for heaven’s sake, he/she must stay home and not get others sick, too.

No matter how healthy you are, there will be a time when you need to pay attention to the first 5…and unless you live in a cave, I’m quite sure you know some people who are not feeling well, so consider the second 5 for their sake (and yours, really).

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