This article was written by special guest author Marydee Sklar who is an ADHD expert. She wrote this article in response to a question I had from someone who wasn’t sure if she was overwhelmed or had ADHD.

Overwhelmed womanADHD is the result of deficits in the executive functioning processes of the brain. Executive functioning affects our ability to manage our time and control our behaviors to get things done. How do you know if you’re just too busy or if you might have ADHD and would benefit from getting a diagnosis?

In his book, ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says, Dr. Russell Barkley lists the following ten behaviors as symptomatic of those with adult ADHD.

Are you:

  1. Often easily distracted by irrelevant noises, visual stimulus, or irrelevant thoughts?

  2. Often impulsive when you make decisions?  

  3. Often challenged with being able to stop behaviors or actions when you know you should?

  4. Often jumping into tasks or projects without carefully reading or listening to directions?

  5. Known for letting people down, unable to follow through with commitments made to others?

  6. Often having difficulty doing tasks in the proper order or sequence?

  7. Often likely to drive a car much faster than others with excessive speeding?

  8. Challenged by doing relaxing activities or fun things quietly? 

  9. Often struggling with sustaining attention on work or play activities?

  10. Often challenged with organizing tasks and activities?

If you said, “yes” to six of these items you might benefit from getting help learning how to manage an adult ADHD brain.

Everyone in our demanding world struggles with leading a balanced productive life, however those with ADHD are seriously challenged and need to know it is not because of their being lazy or incompetent. The problem is in the wiring of their brain. Medication can be very useful. In order to get things done with a minimum of stress and drama it is essential to use external time management support strategies and tools. If you think you might have ADHD, learn more about it and get help. Help can change your productivity and stress levels.

© Marydee Sklar

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