Sick womanHave you ever been sick, really sick, and yet you decided to “Rambo” your way through the day anyway? I recommend that you stop this behavior. Stay home. Loll about.  Here’s why:

  1. Bodies heal when they are sleeping. Period. No sleeping – no healing.
  1. You know you hate it when people come to work sick and sneeze/cough all over you, don’t you? Admit it!
  1. You can’t get good soup at the office cafeteria.
  1. You can’t wear pajamas to work, and soft flannel or cotton pj’s feels much better than “work” clothes on an achy body.
  1. Your kitties/doggies could use some extra petting, and petting them is soothing to you.
  1. The best tissues are the “good” ones you buy for your house – not the “standard issue tissue” that you have at the office.
  1. If you drink that much cough syrup at work, someone will take your car keys from you.
  1. Stupid daytime TV is an incentive to just sleep more and feel better.
  1. The silence of a pleasant home during daytime hours is delightful.
  1. Your colleagues will appreciate you more when you return.

Lin Yutang observed that “…the most bewildering thing about man is his idea of work and the amount of work he imposes on himself or that civilization has imposed upon him. All nature loafs, while man alone works for a living.” (in Dr. Kathleen Hall’s book, Alter Your Life: Overbooked? Overworked? Overwhelmed?, p. 128). So, consider lolling about for a day–whether you’re sick or not but for sure when you are sick. It’s lovely. It’s smart. It’s thoughtful. In this time of flu and fear of flu, please stay home and take care of yourself. You will get well faster and you will help prevent the spread of whatever you’re sick with (not a good sentence, but you get the idea, I hope).


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