End task buttonLife can become chaotic in a hurry if we are forever shunting tasks that need to be done. Shunting is not the same as simple procrastination. To shunt a task is to become aware of it more than once, and to continue to put it off. Here are some ways to avoid ‘task shunting.’

  1. Do the task. Really. Just stop everything else and do it.
  1. If you’re missing information and that’s what’s making you shunt the task, make an “action note” for the task. “Ask John how many feet of cable it will take” is a real action note. Writing “get information” on a sticky-note doesn’t keep you from re-reading the task every time it appears in your inbox. (I have “Next Action” sheets you can download at no cost on my website www.TopTenProductivityTips.com.
  1. Determine if you know how to do the task. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how to deal with this type of situation. Talk to someone – admit that you’ve forgotten – and finish the task.
  1. Number your tasks at the beginning of the day. Do not let yourself go out of numerical order. It can be like a game–and you want to win!
  1. Confirm that the task really needs to be done. Nothing is worse than getting a task done that we’ve been shunting and then find out it didn’t have to be done at all!
  1. If the task involves paying for something and you’re waiting until you have money, throw away the order form, note to yourself, web address, or other reminder. Later, when you have money, you will have something else you need or want to do with it and there’s no need to have this “task” hanging over your head.
  1. If you can’t make yourself do #6, then buy the thing, for pity’s sake! Quit wasting energy on the back and forth of ‘do I…or don’t I?’
  1. Delegate the task if it truly isn’t in your bailiwick.
  1. Vow to stay late once a month until every shunted task is complete. It’s a wonderful feeling.
  1. Don’t do the task. Really. If it were that important, you’d have done it by now, anyway.

There will be other KC@Bay tips that address procrastination in more detail, but for now, especially since this is your first tip, just think about whether there is a task you are just shunting from day to day to day–and see if one of the ideas above will get it moving (or get it tossed). It’s worth a try!

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