Pie with lattice crustOK, I know that title seems funny. Way back on Week 12, I discussed the concept of an “Energy Pie” (from Roger Mellott). I told you about the idea that you don’t want to be around anyone who is a “Pie Sucker” because they suck the energy right out of you. Well, sometimes we deplete our own energy–you might call it self-inflicted pie sucking.

Know that one or more of the following may be keeping you from maintaining a sufficiently large energy pie.

  1. Lack of sleep.

  2. Eating the wrong foods.

  3. Getting preventable illnesses.

  4. Drinking too much (alcohol, milkshakes, soda, etc.)

  5. Lack of exercise.

  6. Not taking the time to laugh.

  7. Doing others’ work for them.

  8. Solving the same problem over and over again.

  9. Credit card debt.

  10. Taking responsibility for others’ problems (including those of your spouse, children, family, and friends).

This is a powerful list. My guess is that you have at least one of these ten that could use some attention. Give it (and that means yourself) the attention it deserves and watch your energy “pie” increase.  These are all under your control, which is why this week’s Keys to Keeping Chaos at Bay are labeled “Not Sucking Your Own Pie.” Self-inflicted pie-sucking just sounds terrible doesn’t it?  And I mean it to sound repellant.  So let’s all do something about this for ourselves.

energy_chartingAnd if you want ways that you can maximize your positive energy and minimize your negative energy, then you will want to access the teleseminar Energy Charting: Quantify Your Value. All of the ideas in this class are offered with the intention of assisting you in your quest to have your energy, attitude, and direction fully focused on high-priority and high-value endeavors.