ClockLurking all around you at home, at work, and everywhere in between, there are tasks, situations, technology, humans (and other mammals) who can potentially steal your time. This week, be on the lookout for the following time thieves:

  1. Email
  1. Telephone
  1. Drop-in visitors
  1. Procrastination
  1. Self-distraction
  1. Filing systems that aren’t
  1. Energy suckers (which might include gossip or other negative and non-productive interactions)
  1. Slow or inefficient reading
  1. Junk mail
  1. Re-thinking, i.e., churning through the same idea over and over and over.

There are others that you might notice, too. The idea this week is just to become aware of what might be stealing your time and energy.  Next week, we will start to talk about the specifics of these ten (and others you might suggest) and how to prevent the thievery.

Are you safe? Do you have time, energy, and attention thieves lurking around you – ready to rob you of your most precious resources?

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